Magnesium L-Arginine Cream

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Magnesium L-Arginine Cream Description

Made with Dead Sea Magnesium Magnesium, L-arginine Cream is a smooth, quickly absorbed liposomal preparation of magnesium chloride harvested from the dead sea, and L-arginine in a nourishing and moisturizing base of organic aloe, coconut oil and essential oils. The cream is fragrance free and does not contain artificial preservatives. Topically applied, magnesium may restore cellular magnesium levels, act as a cellular protectant, support detoxification, sooth aches and pains, relieve muscle cramps, and relieve stress. Topically applied L-arginine may help blood flow and circulation, especially in the hands and feet, as well as other sensitive areas for both men and women. Our Liposome Delivery Systems (LDS) use pharmaceutical grade phospholipids to create next generation liposomes that are smaller in size and packed with more active ingredients. The result is a topical application that delivers unsurpassed skin penetration and absorption . Liposomes have been known within the scientific community for decades as effective carriers of biologically active ingredients used to target specific sites of action. Our Liposome Delivery System is built upon 30 years of experience and is designed to significantly increase product performance and results. Enhances circulation through direct absorption of L-arginine and magnesium into the tissues.

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